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Names of Pupils  Class of 58 [1958-1964] - sorry if I missed you off. e-mail me your details: tilehillkid@yahoo.co.uk

BAIMBRIDGE, Ann [1958-1964]  not known

BAYLISS, Deborah [1958-1964] I first attended templar's infant school in 1958, my first teacher was mrs cramp and our classroom was one of the two green hut's situated near to the entrance to the school on templar avenue. the nursery was still open and situated at the lower end of the permanent buildings. there were also several sets of huts situated around the site, three white huts to the right of the main entrance which was along a "lane" between the two school sites. this lane was called capel's lane. some of the huts were still heated by coke stoves including the dinner hut. I ended up in miss ellimans class in60/61 others that i think were in the class/ same year were billy hartley, norman jones (I think he had a sister called lesley) beverly jones gerald woodward ann gibson barry cooper diane richmond paul brooks robert heath peter peabody ray pead.i then went on to the junior's and could write a huge amount about the school, if any body was interested. Deborah Griffiths.

BRIGHT, Geoffrey [1958-1964]  not known

BROOKS, Paul  [1958-1964]  not known

BROOKS, Susan [1958-1964]  not known

CHARLTON, Francis [1958-1964]  not known

COOPER, Barry  [1958-1964]  not known

COWLE, Terry [1958-1964]  not known

CRUMP, Linda [1958-1964]  not known

DAVIS, Colin [1958-1964] Happily married for 21yrs. Three daughters. Self employed Structural Engineer. Living near Rugby   not known

EALES, Robert [1958-1964]  not known

EAVES, Peter [1958-1964] Living near Nuneaton.  not known

EDGAR, Philip [1958-1964] Still living in Coventry viking1066@hotmail.com

FORD, Linda [1958-1964]  not known

FREEMAN, Martin [1958-1961]  not known

FULTON, Mark [1958-1961] mark@basstutor.wanadoo.co.uk I attended Templars, and have nothing but very happy memories, I guess I was lucky, they were very good days. My name is Mark Fulton, I lived at 18 Lesingham Drive, Tile Hill and from about 1958 - 1961 I attended Templars infants, my teachers were, Miss Davies (She really was lovely), Mrs Bird, and Mrs Jones (awful, these days her treatment of pupils would be considered as totally abusive), then it was onto the Juniors and my teachers were Mrs Tyler, Mrs Morgan ( Sex Bomb) and Mrs O Neil, and when Mrs O Neil was away, Mrs Howarth. And then of course for me it was Woodlands. Please feel free to include my name on your listing and my email, I would be happy to here from anyone thats knows me and wants to get in touch. Memory lane is a nice avenue to walk down but better with a friend ! Mark

GIBSON, Ann  [1958-1964]  not known

GREAVES, Keith [1958-1964]  not known

HARTLEY, William [1958-1964]
See 'Tile Hill Kids on Facebook' at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5204536551
Hi from 'tilehillkid' Yes, I was actually 'born at home' in Tile Hill so don't really consider being from Coventry, hence I always put that I was from 'Tile Hill'.
Tile Hill was like a village, then, in the very English parish of Stoneleigh; the area was littered with old red-brick farms; meadows by streams; a blacksmiths at Duggins Lane; fabulous woodlands; clean, friendly post-war council housing estates; old corn fields; an LMS line running steam trains; and a great school complex called Templars. Today, it's hard to find anywhere as nice as Tile Hill was, then. I'm presently living in a very peaceful and scenic piece of the North of England after 15 years by the sea in Cornwall. Retired from three decades of Sales Management with a multinational blue-chip food company. I'm still married after 34 years; two adult children and two grand daughters. Have several villas, vineyard and many acres in Bulgaria. I love travelling in our Hymer Motor Caravan - been to most of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Poland, Baltic Countries, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Corfu, Crete, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Albania, Egypt, Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes, the list is endless ... next, off to Germany, again, and Switzerland [I want to fulfil another ambition, to ride on a little red train over the snowy Alps !]. I'd love to settle in Bavaria, overlooking the Alps.
Templars was a brilliant start to my education. Fond memories of great friends like Jean Sharp, David Mitchell, Yvonne Swift, Martin Freeman, Hilary Hewitt, Janice Raven, Rhona Simpson, Susan Roginson, Jimmy Lodder, Mark Teehan, Paul Nash, Peter Eaves, Mick Scott, Robert Heath, Geoff Bright, Keith Greaves, Alun John ... the list goes on, they were all great kids. Great teachers, too, like Mrs Cramp; Mrs Cotton ['slap on the back of the legs']; Ms Jones ['edge of ruler on yer knuckles']; Mrs Piper; Mrs Maddison and Mrs Holloway ['the Dancing Queens']; and Mr Wood ['the Best !']; Great Headmaster, Mr Manning ['watch it, he's got a cane up his sleeve']. "tile hill kid"
e-mail tilehillkid@yahoo.co.uk Feel free to email me.

HEATH, Robert [1958-1964]  not known

HEWITT, Hilary [1958-1964]  not known

HUTTON, Elaine [1958-1964]  not known

JOHN, Alan [1958-1964]  not known

JOHNSON, Marion [1958-1964]  not known

JONES, Beverley [1958-1964]  not known

JONES, Norman [1958-1964]  njj76@hotmail.com

LODDER, James [1958-1964] Living in Hampshire with Vicky, 2 year old twin boys,cat and dog. You're never too old !!! Has anyone heard from, or got contact details for Rhona Simpson ?  not known

MARSHALL, Barbara [1958-1964]  not known

MARSHALL, Paul [1958-1964]  not known

MITCHELL, David [1958-1964]  not known

NASH, Paul [1958-1964]  not known

PAYNE, Richard [1958-1964]  not known

PEABODY, Peter  [1958-1964]  not known

PEAD, Raymond [1958-1964]  not known

PRIOR, Janet [1958-1964]  not known

RAVEN, Janice [1958-1964]  not known

RICHMOND, Diane  [1958-1964]  not known

ROGINSON, Susan [1958-1964]  not known

SCOTT, Michael [1958-1964]  not known

SIMPSON, Rhona [1958-1964]  not known

SMALLWOOD, Christine [1958-1964]  not known

STURGES, Janet [1958-1964]  not known

STURGES, Linda [1958-1964]  not known

SWIFT, Yvonne [1958-1964]  not known

TEHAN, Mark [1958-1964]  not known

THOMPSON, Heather  [1958-1964]  not known

WOODWARD, Gerald  [1958-1964]  not known

WILLIAMSON, Susan [1958-1964]  not known

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Names of Staff [1958-1964] :

MANNING, Mr [no details] Headmaster 'Watch out! he's got a cane up his sleeve !!'

WOOD, Mr [no details] Class 1 - Head Teacher - Upper-Juniors

unknown, Mrs [no details] Class 2 - Upper-Juniors

RADFORD, Mr [no details] Class 3 - Upper-Juniors

MADDISON, Mrs [no details] Class 4 Mid-Juniors 'Dancing Queen'

unknown, Mrs [no details] Class 5 Mid-Juniors

HOLLOWAY, Mrs [no details] Dance/Nature/Crafts 'Dancing Queen'

PIPER, Mrs [no details] Class 6 Lower-Juniors [hut]

unknown, Mrs [no details] Class 7 Lower-Juniors [hut]

ELLIMAN, Marjorie Class 1 Upper-Infants

JONES, Mollie Class 2 Upper-Infants

COTTON, Mrs [no details] Class 3 Mid-Infants

BULLOCK, Mrs [no details] Class 4 Mid-Infants [ex-nursery room]

CRAMP, Mrs [no details] Class 5 Lower-Infants [intake - green hut]

unknown, Mrs [no details] Class 6 Lower-Infants [intake - green hut]

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Templars School

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