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Snowqueen 1963  clippings from the Coventry Evening Telegraph 1963

'Snow Queen' at Templars School ...

Wet dish cloths were used as missiles, someone fell into a bath tub full of water and was 'ironed out', another dived into a washing machine and a familiar cry 'Everybody Out !' resounded as the manager of the Chinese laundry became troublesome ...

The Chinese laundry scene was only one of several scenes from 'The Snow Queen', acted by over 150 pupils on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Summer Term of 1963. Do you remember? Were you in the play?

Snowqueen 1963

In the above photo you may just make out amongst the faries, snowmen and soldiers:

1] Barbara MARSHALL 2] Carol BROOKES 3] Jane ALLEN 4] Kay SIMPSON 5] Paul GARDNER as 'Kay' 6] Lorraine STRINGER 7] Clement JACKSON 8] Glynis THOM as 'Gerda' 9] Alan SAUL 10] Colin DAVIS 11] Geoffrey BRIGHT 12] Michael SCOTT 13] Michael DALEY 14] Richard PAYNE 15] Robert HEATH 16] Norman JONES 17] Raymond PEED 18] Christine DOLPHIN 19] Deborah HARDY 20] Janet GASCGOINE ... can you name any others? [if so please let William HARTLEY know - mailto:tilehillkid@yahoo.co.uk]

Also in the play were scenes of the Wizard's Workshop, an Indian Camp [Billy HARTLEY was an injun!!]and the Snow Queen's Palace ... and an Arab Market Place ...

Children Enjoy Slapstick in Tile Hill School Fantasy ...

Slapstick and song combined with gaiety of costume and scenery were seen in the Templars' Junior School summer play, 'The Snow Queen' ... devised by staff under the direction of headmaster, Mr E W MANNING ...

Snowqueen 1963

1] Mervyn SAMUEL 2] Roy DUNN 3] Colin COLEMAN 4] Nornman JONES [again] 5] Clive MITCHELL 6] Andrew PETERS 7] Rhona SIMPSON 8] Ann BAIMBRIDGE 9] Linda CRUMP 10] Lesley FORD 11] Susan ROGINSON 12] Janet PRIOR 13] Hilary HEWITT 14] Frances CHARLTON 15] Christine SMALLWOOD ... again, can you name any others? Unfortunately, the Evening Telegraph tell me that the original photos/negatives of the above have been destroyed by them !! - have you any other photos/records? ... [if so please let tilehillkid know - mailto:tilehillkid@yahoo.co.uk]

Natural Zest ... the children were free to exhibit their natural zest for comedy to the full.

Can you put a name to any of the faces?

Make this a reunion to remember! Thankyou.


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