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Norma STEVENS' Photos Page ...

Normas' Photos - Pamela  my friend Pamela [.....] ? [not sure of surname or date]  

Normas' Photo 3  c.1955 Templars School Trip to London ... I [Norma STEVENS] am second from the right, in front of the male teacher [don't know his name but I think he was German ? ]

Normas' Photo - Susan SMITH my friend Susan SMITH ? [not sure of date]

"Both Pamela and Susan wrote to me in Australia up to the time they married, then I lost touch with them. The schools I went to were Templars and Tile Hill Wood. I would love to hear from anyone who knows me. Regards, Norma" mailto:ngriffit@eisa.net.au

"As a child we lived in Canley in Howcott Green, Canley and later in Faseman Avenue, Tile Hill North. Our family left Tile Hill when we came to Australia in December 1956 when I was aged 13. I have two sisters and one brother who are all younger than me. Pat STEVENS was born in 1946 and went to Whitley Abbey School. Dorothy STEVENS was born in 1948 and went to Tile Hill Primary School. My brother Roy was not born until 1953 and was quite young when we came to Australia".

Can you put a name to any of the faces?

Make this a reunion to remember! Thankyou.


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