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Rubble Marks End of an Era [photograph courtesy of the 'Coventry Evening Telegraph' Friday 22nd August 1997] "Gone to Ground ... more than half a century of school history" Shortly after 'New' Templars School was opened in the Spring of 1997, sadly, the 'Old' Templars Schools buildings were demolished. It was thought cheaper to build a new school than repair the old buildings and bring them to standard, eg., roof repairs and central heating, etc. Since then, the site has been sold for housing development.

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The Story of "Templars and Whoberley Schools" ...

Templars School Tile Hill Coventry

THE STORY OF A SCHOOL Templars Primary First Printed 1996

Thank you to all the old pupils and staff who have helped in the production of this history.
Thank you to Mrs. Clay who has put this History together.

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Make this a reunion to remember! Thankyou.


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