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Names and Address Directory of some ex-pupils, with email addresses:

ASHBY, Stephen http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1256147154

BAILEY, Bryan [1940-1946] I was born in Darwen, Lancashire in May 1936; in May of 1939 my father, William Leslie Bailey, moved the family to Coventry, not a propitious move he was to later agree. From information gleaned from the memories of others included in your compilation of the wartime history of Whoberley, I now believe I must have first attended classes there at the beginning of the 1940 school year. I have a memory of my mother taking me to school and, at the door of a two or three floor brick building giving me into the care of another woman. I also have a few memories of my sister Kathleen who was a couple of years older than me, unhappily shepherding me to and from 88 Fir Tree via Job's Lane. We lived at 88 Fir Tree ave. until Kathleen married and moved to Loughborough and I emigrated to Canada (1956) Ronald Pladys lived next door and also attended Whoberley. I have some memories of trenches and bombing and of the Ack Ack battery and Barage Balloon near the school and also of being evacuated back to Darwen to live with my paternal grand-parents for a couple of years. I had always thought the decision to evacuate me and my sister had been made by my parents but after reading the memories of others in the wartime history of Whoberley, I now believe there must have been a government edict that all Coventry children should be evacuated. I know I returned before the end of the war because I remember seeing army vehicles [probably fake] stored on the service road of the Coventry by-pass at Broad Lane. My memories also include sitting in a classroom and being able to see the railway line beyond the playing fields. When I was eleven I heard of the boarding school the Coventry School Board had established at Cleobury Mortimer, in Shropshire, during the war, and I went there for a couple of years. While there I passed the entrance examination to the Coventry Technical College and attended there until I graduated. I was then apprenticed at Sam Robbins [Austin Cars Dealer] on Cox Street, Coventry and in 1956 emigrated to Canada. I lived in Edmonton, Alberta for 8 years and while there joined the Edmonton Police Service but found the winters to be too severe and in 1963 I transferred to the Victoria Police Department, retiring in 1995 with the rank of Inspector. My parents and other family members visited a number of times over the years and I did not return to England until the late '70's. I spent some time showing my Canadian born wife around the area where I had grown up, over the years, but have always been confused by not being able to find 'Whoberley' [Templars] School . Present Address: 8916 Haro Park Terrace, North Saanich, B.C. Canada V8L 4A2 250-656-7104.

BAYLISS, Deborah [1958-1964] E-mail address: deborah56poppyfield@aol.com Comments: I first attended templar's infant school in 1958, my first teacher was mrs cramp and our classroom was one of the two green hut's situated near to the entrance to the school on templar avenue. the nursery was still open and situated at the lower end of the permanent buildings. there were also several sets of huts situated around the site, three white huts to the right of the main entrance which was along a "lane" between the two school sites. this lane was called capel's lane. some of the huts were still heated by coke stoves including the dinner hut. I ended up in miss ellimans class in60/61 others that i think were in the class/ same year were billy hartley, norman jones (I think he had a sister called lesley) beverly jones gerald woodward ann gibson barry cooper diane richmond paul brooks robert heath peter peabody ray pead.i then went on to the junior's and could write a huge amount about the school, if any body was interested. Deborah Griffiths.

BAYLISS, Helen [1972-1979] E-mail address: hb3110@aol.com Comments: I attended Templars from 1972 - 1979. My teachers in year order were: Mrs Cramp, Mrs Unitt, Mrs Cobb, Mrs Dent, Mrs Viner, Mr Richards and Mrs L????(she had a daughter at the school called Katie?). Lots of ex pupils must remember my mum, Mrs Bayliss. She was a dinner lady in the infants from the mid sixties through to her retirement in 1990. She herself went to Templars when it first opened in 1930/31 as did all her children: Martin (1956-1963), Deborah (1957-1964)and Derek (1965-1972) and me! None of us live in Coventry anymore but we do make the occasional visit. Would love to here from anyone who remembers me or any of the others in the family (I will pass on your details to them).

BEDDING, Alun [ ] E-mail address: a.w.bedding@reading.ac.uk Comments: Currently,living in Suffolk, working in Ascot and doing a part-time PhD in Applied Statistics at Reading University. I am married with no children. I would be interested to hear from anybody who remembers me, or my sister Lesley who also went to Templars.

BOND, Joan [1945-1951] I started in Miss Porters class at Whoberley Infants School in 1945.Remember her very well and Miss Ward who was our head.Went on to juniors and became Templars.Was in Miss Varney's,Mr Cooke and Mr Hopkers.Went to Stoke Park in 1951. Mr Smith was head of juniors.Married had 6 great children(5 boys ,1 girl)They have given me 12 beautiful grandchildren.I am now married to a wonderful man Michael and we live in Cyprus. Would love to hear from anyone. Joan Lambeth, Christou Samara 1 Kiti Larnaca 7550 Cyprus

BROOKES, Andrew [1976 - 1980] Comments: Looking at the guest book I must be one of the younger ex-pupils at 29 (2000). I attended Templars when it was Infants and Junior (1976-1980ish if my memory serves me right). Teachers included: Mrs Cobb, Mrs Corbett, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Clay, Mr Garbut and Mrs Viner. Present Address: Tile Hill, Coventry
andy@phmab.com Homepage: http://perdita.phmab.com/~andy E-mail address: andy@phmab.demon.co.uk Homepage URL: http://www.phmab.demon.co.uk/andy

BROOKES, Helen [1975-1983] Hi, Found this site through the Cov. Evening Telegraph Pages. I was at Templars between approx. 1975 to 1983 and remember being in the following classes: Mrs Herbert, Mrs Corbett, Miss Elliman, Mrs Clay, Mrs Quinn and Miss Wilson (last 2 years). I followed my brother into the 'Tadcaster' house which I seem to remember as being yellow. I now live on the houses built on Templars junior school site. Approximately where Fred, Jean, Angela and Julie Dimmock used to live (The late Fred being the caretaker for all the years I attended and Angela being in my class for many of those years!) I have very fond memories of my childhood at Templars, and am now a qualified Management Accountant. Helen Thorley, 8 Knights Templar Way, Tile Hill, Coventry. CV4 9XU

BROWN, Bernard [no details] now living in Victoria, Australia [full address available]

BROWN, Danny [1980-1987] E-mail address: brownd@cromwell.co.uk Comments: I was at Templars between 1980-87, im now working for a engineering co in coventry. Im married with 1 child living in Eastern green. The only teachers i can remember being tought by was mrs Whale ,mr Harris, and the blue lady. Present Address: Eastern Green

BURDETT, Susan [1947-1952] now living in Virginia USA

BURLISON, Jacqueline [1953-1960] [Curly Burly, Jackie] I was at Templars during the 50's I can remember an incident when girls ran through the corridor and a door opened and her hand went through the glass. I remember the silence in the playground as she screamed and blood pumped from her wrist. The cleaners came running out of the cloakroom and ushered her away and we then hear the clanging of the ambulance bell. I often wonder what happened to her and I dont know her name. jacquline.burlison@sky.com

BYNG, Michael [1953-1960] I was at Templars Infants and Junior Schools from 1953 until 1960 after which I went to King Henry VIIIthe School in Warwick Road, Coventry. I have lost touch with almost all of my contemporaries at the school with the exception of two people. I am still in touch with Peter Walters, like me ex-Tile Hill South - Ridgley Road/Copland Place, and Barry Swift who now lives in Meriden. Anyone else out there who remembers me, please get in touch. Sadly my interest in the school was only rekindled when I tried to buy the school site from Coventry City Council for redevelopment. Present Address: "Lea Willows" 83 Birmingham Road, Whitacre Heath, Coleshill B46 2ET
Michael_Byng@msn.com and http://www.facebook.com/michael.byng

CARTER, Angela [1950-1955] I was at Whoberley Hall from 1950 to 1955, and then at Barr's Hill from 55 to 63. I lived on Gorseway. I currently teach at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. I've been in Canada since 1968 angela.ward@usask.ca

CLAY, Paul [1959-1965] I was born in 1954 and attended Templars until 1965. I lived at 76 Gravel Hill in the maisonettes, just a walk across the cornfields to the school. My dad was then the steward of the Standard Triumph Social Club in the factory rounds. Some other pupils in the class were Susan Meadows, Christine Dolphin, Heather Thompson, Yvonne Swift, Timothy Toman, Leslie Carr, Pauline ...., memory fading! Remember being Coke monitor in the huts when coke meant fuel! Have photos of school trip to Royal Show! Presently reside between Sunderland and Spain. Happily married with four great kids from 11yrs. to 25yrs. Please contact me if you recall any of the above. Present Address: 312 Coach Road, Usworth, Washington, Tyne and Wear. NE37 2EY
paulclay1747@hotmail.com and http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1459595496

CLAY, Julie [ ] E-mail address: richardjulie@william24.fsnet.co.uk Comments: I went to Templars from the age of Four (nursery) until Eleven.My teachers included Mrs Cramp, Mrs Dent,Mrs Glover and Mrs Viner. My brother also attended (David Clay) and my mum (Margaret Clay) taught there from 1977 until her retirement last year.I will be starting work at the new Templars primary school in September.I am still living in Coventry and are married with one son(nine months).David is living in Bradford and working as Head librarian of the university Medical library. Julie King.

COLES, Kate [1977-1984] E-mail address: colesk@hotmail.com Comments: I went to Templars from 1977 to 1984. My sister Rachel (then best known as Rosy) also went to Templars. My teachers were Mrs Reece, Mrs Corbett, Miss Wales, Mrs Dent and Mr. Rose. My mum Maggie helped out in a number of the classes, including my sister's classes with Mrs Locke and Mrs Clay. My old friends included Gareth Morrison, Sarah-Jane Warwick, Julie Clay, Melanie Rama-Laye, David Clark, Paul Droggan, Nicola Bell, Catherine Joy, Nicola Spalding, Nicola Duggin and so on. I have very very fond memories of my time at Templars and it breaks my heart that they knocked the old place down. But it will always stay in my heart. I now live in a village in Northamptonshire and work as a Buyer in Milton Keynes. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me but I am particularly interested in hearing from Melanie Rama-Laye who I sadly lost contact with a few years ago.

COTTON, Christine [1946-1952] I went to Templars in 1946/7 my first teacher was Mrs Nelson and we were in one of the nissen huts. the head mistress was Miss Ward who I later found out was related to my family, my sister Julie Cotton went to templars as well then to stoke park trained as a teacher and went back to teach in the reception class. my other teachers were Mrs Jones, Mrs Steen in the infants then Miss Kirk, Mrs Aldridge and Mr Scrivener in the juniors. When I went into the seniors they were Miss Carey, Miss Lucas who married while I was in her class and became Mrs Hadland she later went to Tile Hill Wood and taught my daughters, after her I had Miss Carey again finishing with Mrs White. I remember Miss Underhill for needlework,and Mrs Ratcliffe for domestic science,the teacher with the blue hair was Miss Norton Jones her classroom was on the top corridor. I lived at Eastern Green and had to walk through Jobs Lane to school each day. Christine Pritchard, Queen Margarets Road Canley. My mum, Christine, was a Templars pupil from 1946-1957, (at a guess). I know that her home economics was a teacher who went on to Tile Hill Wood, Mrs Hadland, as, when I attended that school, she remembered her. Mum is still in Coventry, Canley and still goes to St Oswalds most Sundays. She has a very large family, I am one of seven, with around 30 grandchildren, one great grandchild and one on the way. I am sure she would love to hear from anyone who remembers her from schooldays when she lived in Eastern Green Road, which at that time was very rural.
suem1962@tiscali.co.uk cpritchard65@yahoo.com

COURT, Gerald Clive [1951-1957] E-mail address: gccourt@yahoo.com Templars pupil 1951to1957 Present Address: 10 Bracken Drive Wolvey Leics lE10 3lS

CRESSWELL, Mark [1961-1967] E-mail address: mark@silentmonkey.com Comments: I was at Templars Infants and Junior schools from 1961 to 1967. I lived (was born) at 12 Fir Tree Ave, Tile hill with my two brothers Richard and David and my sister Susan untill we moved to Willenhall in 1967. I now Live in Milton Keynes and found this site via http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/ a site well worth a visit if your looking for old school friends. I can remember very little about Templars except that one of my Infant teachers was Miss or Mrs Britain. She got married while I was in her class and remember getting very confused over the name change. Unfortunately I cannot remember if Britain was her married or maiden name. Present Address: 9 Ibstone Ave Bradwell Common Milton Keynes MK13 8EA http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000411683234

CUNNINGHAM, Harry [mid-1950's-] now living at: 16675 W.Park, Circle Drive, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023, USA mcinternational@stratos.net 

DAVIES, Rob [unknown ] E-mail address: rdavies@pentland.com Comments: My Mum was Mrs Davies who taught their for centuries ! Present Address: Australia

DOYLE, Philip [1978-] Wow, is it over ten years since Templars was demolished? I joined Templars Infants School after term had commenced in late 1978 :- 1st year = Mrs Green 2nd Year = Mrs Herbert 3rd Year = Mrs Corbett Templars Juniors 1st & 2nd Year = Mrs Davies 3rd & 4th Year = Mrs Viner I left in May 1985 My older sister Marian also went to Templars, she left in 1979. [She was also in Mrs Davies and Mrs Viners classes in the junior school] Classmates over the years included:- Brett Stevens Brett Wilkins Anthony Hallinan Colin Balchin Kraig Brown Kareem Askari Barry Nelson Carl Thornton Carl Walker John Harman Ian Beard Jonathan Randall Mark Williams Carl Mallett Stephen Dowswell Dominic Croak John Robinson Simon Bien Damien Maxwell Mark Porter Derek Lee Janyt Todd Sarah Fox Annette Fennell Julie Dimmock [daughter of Fred Dimmock who was the caretaker] Sarah Foster Samantha Twaites Kayleigh Robinson Tammie O’Neil Jennifer Howell [cousin] Sarah Timms To name a few…………..[all of the above left the same year as I did, or the year after] Great times! Great school!

DUNCAN, Terri [now DEWIS] [unknown ] E-mail address: terri.dewis@sky.com Present Address: Melbourne Road, Earlsdon

EDGAR, Phillip http://www.facebook.com/4candles

EDWARDS, Stuart [1978-1984] just stumbled across you website. I was a pupil at Templars in the Infants and then the Juniors from around 1978(?) until Summer 1984 when I left for Woodlands. I have this old newspaper cutting from the Coventry Evening Telgraph in approx 1979 which shows [right to left] me [Stuart Edwards], Debbie O'Neill, Dave Clark, Kate Lawson, sarah Jane Warwick, and then a guy maybe David somebody? Good to read the old memories on the site, especially about the trip to Yorkshire in 1984 which I was lucky enough to go on. I seem to remember it cost about £34 for 5 days and we went on a Catteralls Coach. I remember somebody losing their shoe in a muddy puddle on a walk from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay [maybe Judith Woolcock?], and the teachers had to buy her a new pair! Stuart Edwards

EGGINSON, Sophie [1989-1996] E-mail address: eggishell@hotmail.com Comments: I went to Templars from 1989-1996. i was just checkin the site to see if any one else remembers the blue lady!!!!!!! Present Address: Coventry Tile Hill

ELLIOTT, Elaine [unknown] 35 Goodman Way Tanyard Farm Coventry CV4 9UF eelliott438@hotmail.com

ELLIOTT, Jimmy [1944-1955] I was in the infants in1944,aged 5 right through til1955. Miss Malins was the head over infant school I think. Mr Malins head of senior div. I was participting in school opera's Iolanthe. Merry England and Toad of Toad Hall in which I was the Chief Weasel. Some school pals were Ronald BOWERS, Janice DUNCAN , Jane STUART, Marion NOWER Jill REAVES, Glenys EAVES, just a few. Teachers - Mr Lee, Mr Aldridge,Miss Jones [I think she was noted for having purple hair]. [home address: Tile Hill Village, available]

ENNIS, Karl [-1970] F ennis_karl@hotmail.com and http://www.facebook.com/ennis.karl

FIRTH, Susan [1960-1966] E-mail address: susan.powell4@btinternet.com Comments: I was at Templars from circa 1960 until 1966. I started in Mrs / Miss May's class and then I remember being in Miss Jone's class and being rattled on the knuckles with the ruler for not knowing my times tables (I learnt them after that and still know them!!) I then went on to Mrs Pipers class and I remember being in Mr Woods class. It was Templars that got me into Athletics and I was entered in the Junior School Sports at Finham School in 1966 where I won the Long Jump - that started my athletic career (I still have the medal). I was friends with Carol Standbridge and Suzanne Jessop - does anyone remember these two girls? Present Address: Milestone House Heather Grange West Hill Devon EX11 1XZ

FORREST, Zoe  [1983 to 1987] I was in Mrs Dent's class for two years and Mrs Glover's for the other two. I also attended the playgroup and Infant school, where I think my teachers were Mrs Green and Mrs Hansford if I remember correctly!! Both of my brothers, Paul and Neil Forrest also went to Templars and went on to go to Woodlands in Stringer House. I went on to Tile Hill Wood. I am currently living 11B Drakefell Road Telegraph Hill London SE14 5SL, where I have been for 8 months. I absolutely love it here, but still have a great affection for Coventry. Hi all you old Templars attendees. I was at Templars Juniors from 1983 to 1987 where I was in Mrs Dent's class for two years and Mrs Glover's for the other two. I also attended the playgroup and Infant school, where I think my teachers were Mrs Green and Mrs Hansford if I remember correctly!! Both of My Brothers, Paul and Neil Forrest also went to Templars and went on to go to Woodlands in Stringer House. I went on to Tile Hill Wood. I am currently living in London, where I have been for 8 months. I absolutely love it here, but still have a great affection for Coventry. Present Address: South East London

FRENCH, Brenda [no details] now living in Australia

FULTON, Mark [1958-1961] mark@basstutor.wanadoo.co.uk I attended Templars, and have nothing but very happy memories, I guess I was lucky, they were very good days. My name is Mark Fulton, I lived at 18 Lesingham Drive, Tile Hill and from about 1958 - 1961 I attended Templars infants, my teachers were, Miss Davies (She really was lovely), Mrs Bird, and Mrs Jones (awful, these days her treatment of pupils would be considered as totally abusive), then it was onto the Juniors and my teachers were Mrs Tyler, Mrs Morgan ( Sex Bomb) and Mrs O Neil, and when Mrs O Neil was away, Mrs Howarth. And then of course for me it was Woodlands. Please feel free to include my name on your listing and my email, I would be happy to here from anyone thats knows me and wants to get in touch. Memory lane is a nice avenue to walk down but better with a friend ! Mark http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591446930

GRAVENOR, Richard [1975-1979] E-mail address: richard.gravenor@bigpond.com Comments: I attended Templars from 1975 to 1979 before my family moved to New Zealand. Can remember having Mrs Wilson as a teacher for the last year there. Lived in Standard Ave at the time. Looking through the reunion sites has brought back a lot of memories. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me - and always wondered what happened to my old friends, Dean Checkley, Lee Pinder and Craig Morgan. Present Address: Perth, West Australia

GREENHALL, Tim [1970 - 1972] I attended Templars junior school 1969-72. I was in Mrs Hall´s class and Mr Hiers class, I remember Mrs Viner´s orange beatle and flower power clothes!! My Mum worked in the Templars nursery from around 1967 till around 1990. Anyone remember Mrs Greenhall? If so drop me a mail. Tim

HARKUS, Gillian I was looking at all the names of the people who had attended Templars and realised that most of the people signing the guest book were students after 1960. When I attended school there it was an old building. Most of the classrooms were centered around the playground. The science, dance and domestic science classrooms were in an old addition, off to the side of the playground. The sewing class and music class was away from the main buildings and off in a field. We had a great view of Canley and off into Westwood Heath from there. I remember fondly Miss Mollie Jones and Miss Betty Chadwick. I hope they are both well and enjoying retirement? It was great to read this page on the web. I have heard about the reunions, they sound like fun! Maybe one of these years I'll be home when you have one!Gillian Greene, 22 BrightView Avenue Rutland, Vermont, USA 05701

HARTLEY, William [1958-1964]
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Hi from 'tilehillkid' Yes, I was actually 'born at home' in Tile Hill so don't really consider being from Coventry ... I always put: 'I'm from Tile Hill'.
Tile Hill was like a village, then, in the very English parish of Stoneleigh; the area was littered with old red-brick farms; meadows by streams; a blacksmiths at Duggins Lane; fabulous woodlands; clean, friendly post-war council housing estates; old corn fields; an LMS line running steam trains; and a great school complex called Templars. Today, it's hard to find anywhere as nice as Tile Hill was, then. I'm presently living in a very peaceful and scenic piece of the North of England after a couple of decades by the sea in Cornwall. Retired from three decades of Sales Management with a multinational blue-chip food company, I'm now a Genetic Genealogy Consultant, analysing genomes and pioneering data research. I'm into my fifth decade of marriage; two adult children and three granddaughters. Have several villas, a vineyard and many acres in Bulgaria. We've retired from travelling in our Hymer motor caravan - we'd been to most of England, Ireland, Scotland, Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands, Western Islands, Hebrides, Wales, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Poland, Estonia and the Baltics, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Corfu, Crete, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Albania, Egypt, Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes, the list is endless ... also Switzerland, I always wanted to fulfil another ambition, to ride on a little red train over the snowy Alps !!

Templars was a brilliant start to my education. Fond memories of great friends like Jean Sharp, David Mitchell, Yvonne Swift, Martin Freeman, Hilary Hewitt, Janice Raven, Rhona Simpson, Susan Roginson, Jimmy Lodder, Mark Teahan, Paul Nash, Peter Eaves, Mick Scott, Robert Heath, Geoff Bright, Keith Greaves, Alun John ... the list goes on, they were all great kids. Great teachers, too, like Mrs Cramp; Mrs Cotton [slap on the back of the legs]; Ms Jones [edge of ruler on yer knuckles]; Mrs Piper; Mrs Maddison and Mrs Holloway ['the Dancing Queens']; and Mr Wood [the best teacher, ever!]; Great Headmaster, Mr Manning ["watch it, he's got a cane up his sleeve"]. "tile hill kid"
e-mail tilehillkid@yahoo.co.uk or tilehillkid@facebook.com Feel free to email, FB [Bill Hartley] or Tweet me [ @tilehillkid].

HINDMARCH, Peter [1950-1954] I was at Templars [Primary] from about 1950 to about 1954. Tile Hill was under development then and the school was surrounded by farms and orchards. I would be delighted to hear from anyone...... present Address: Australia prh@bigpond.net.au

HOULSTON, Barbara Ann [1947 - 1957] I was a pupil at Templars School from 1947 (Whoberley) until 1957. My married name is Barbara Ann Biggs, but I am now divorced. I still live in Tile Hill, and should like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Barbara Ann Biggs, 43A Beech Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry. CV4 9FF

HUNT, Tony [1956-1962]My name is Antony Hunt (Tony) I was a pupil at Templars Primary School from 1956 till 1961 or 1962 when i went to Woodlands Comprehensive. I thought that you may like to include my name in your list. Teachers were Miss Woodhead and Miss Lowday I think. Headmaster Mr Thompson I am living in Napier New Zealand at present. now living in New Zealand
thunt@xtra.co.nz and http://www.facebook.com/tony.hunt295

INGRAM, Pat [no details] now living in Australia

JOHN, Trevor [1955-1958] trevor.john1@ntlworld.com

JONES, Brian [1957-1963] E-mail address: Bjet146@aol.com Comments: Templars infants and juniors;1957 - 1963.Happy days! Peter Crapper.Barry Flick,Clement Jackson....how ya doin? I now live in Meriden.

JONES, Karen [1968-1974] E-mail address: k.tucker3@ntlworld.com Comments: I was born in April 1964,so at a guess i must have started Templars Infants School in the year of 1968 and also attented Templars Junior School,until Secondary School age, when i attended Tile Hill Wood School. I lived in Elm Tree avenue in Tile Hill,with my parents and Sister Angela Jones,who 18 months older than me,who also attended Templars Infants and Junior School. It's an awful shame that such a lovely old school was demolished and replaced with the modern school that now sits in part of the old school grounds. I can't remember too much about the school or the teachers...But i do remember Mrs Elleman?(she used to scare me)...Mrs Davies with her 'CHARLIE BAT' in the cupboard... though i don't recall getting smacked with it!and Sports teacher Mr Davies. I can still remember the smell of the cloakrooms and pencil sharpenings. The little bottles of Milk in the Infants,with the paper straws...i hated milk!!!...and i still do! I remember a few names of the pupils in the Junior... Louise Howell,Patricia Turley(Who used to Bully me!),Caron Jones,Amanda Chipchase?,Faye?,Stephen Yardley,Robert Williams,Amanda Derby,Dennis and Cyril Brown,Norman ?,Gavin?,Hayley?(who lived next to sheperds Dentist on Tile Hill lane)..i'm sure more will come to me another time! Anyway, if anyone remembers Me: Karen Jones...I was Chubby with Goofy teeth and often called 'Bugs Bunny'...get in contact via email address please. I still live in Coventry, near Tile Hill and My sister Angela Jones still lives in a part of Tile Hill. Present Address: Karen Tucker, Coventry

McNEAL, Louise [now FIELDER] [1949-] Started Templar`s in 1949. Cannot remember much about teacher`s or pupils but can see the line on classrooms on the far side of the playground. Lived in Westcotes so came into the school at the bottom end. Remember more about Templar`s Junior, (early 1950`s )Was in Mr. Woods class for a while. Got smacked across legs for calling him Mr. Woodywoopecker after school & ducking down behind the concrete sides of the steps just outside his classroom window. Loved the sports days in the fields. Went on to Templar`s Senior school mid 1950`s and banged heads with the cookery teacher Mrs. Naomi Gough. After 2 yeasrs here transfered to Tile Hill Wood School .Present Address: Toronto, Canada louiseandy@rogers.com

MILNE, Alex [1948-1954] E-mail address: normalex@ns.sympatico.ca Homepage URL: http://members.wbs.net/homepages/a/x/l/axlerod.html Comments: Greetings to all old Templars and Whoberly kids, from Nova Scotia, Canada. Be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me. I attended from 1948 to 1954, infant and junior schools only.now living in Nova Scotia, CANADA

MOORE, Paddy [1948-1954] E-mail address: eringobragh@cytanet.com.cy Comments: I attended templars infants,juniors and seniors from 1948 until 1954 then went onto Woodlands School when it first opened.Remember Mrs Ward head of the infants,Mr Smith of the juniors and Mr Malins of the seniors.Also Mr&Mrs Aldridge,Mr Johnson and my favourite teachers Mr&Mrs Lockston.They got married whilst I was there her name then being Miss Browness.She had a soft spot for me dispite my boisterous nature.My two elder sisters also attended the school,Bridie&Alice Moore and later my two younger brothers Norman&Raymond. I made a career of the army serving 31 years retiring as a Major.I now live in Cyprus.Still visit Coventry and keep an eye on the Sky Blue's progress! Present Address: cyprus

MUNRO, Lilias [1965-1968] Attended Templars in the years 1965 - 1968. Left in the 5th Year after taking CSE exams. Form teacher at that time was Mrs Dodson. now MADDOCK Lilias.Maddock@btinternet.com

NEALON, Jim [1949-] Attended Templars from 1949 maybe a year or two went on to Limbrick wood Present Address: Brisbane Australia jimmy_nealon@hotmail.com

OFFORD, Glensie [1950's-1960's] I lived in Empire Road Tile Hill North during the 1950's/^60's went to Limbrick Wood Infant & Junior School then to Tile Hill Wood Comprehensive School for Girls. It was a new estate when we moved in can remember them building the flats and bungalows in our road. Some of the family names in our street and surrounding area were White, Mawdsley, McMillan, Webb, Brankin, Taylor, Walker, Murray, Merry, Banister, Jones, Macfarlane, Griffin, Lole, Hughes, Proud, Beale, Gascoigne, Cheesman, Barber, Smith, Cator, Emsley, Godfrey, James, Nutt,Davies, Sorbie to name but a few Remember the summer play scheme held at Templas School.

O'SULLIVAN, Ben 1982-1988] E-mail address: bens76@hotmail.co.uk i went to templars school between 1982-1988.I used to live in standard avenue tile hill with my brothers sam and nick who also went to the school.i now still live in tile hill falstaff rd. The thing i remember most about going there was the school plays and the great football team that was there then. Present Address: 27a falstaff road

PEGLER, Sam [1978-1985] Hi my name is Samm Pegler. I was at Templars Infants and Juniors from 1978-1985 sammpegler@btinternet.com

PLIMBLEY, Peter http://www.facebook.com/peter.plimbley?sk=wall peterplim@hotmail.com

POWNER, Phillip [1980-1985] now living in Perth, W.Australia Hi to all, I'm Phillip Powner I attended Templers from roughly 1980 I think through to 1985 in which time I left to live here in Wonderful Perth, Western Australia. Gee we talking 22 years now and for the life of can't remeber half my fellow students from these days, a few names I do remeber are Chris Capoc, Mathew Brearly, Johnny Brearly, Hayley Carr (my childhood crush haha), Rachael Willet, Nicola Bambrick, Samantha King I think, and a Tracey who lived next door to her or very close anyway, David Hobday, Phu Khu Hu (Who left in around 1983 to go back to his home land I beleive, Phu I would absolutely LOVE to get back in Contact with) My favourite Teacher Mrs Browett, Mrs Clay of course, Mrs Dent, Mrs Whale, and thats about all I can remeber at this stage, Anybody has any contact or just gossip details on any fellow student or teachers from around this time I would love to hear from you. All of you feel free to add me to MSN Messenger of you have it, or feel free to email me back at anytime whatsoever. regards Phillip Powner
Love it, would be great to hunt down as many of us former students and teachers as we can and hopefully with sufficient numbers and with Internet almost a 100% fixture in most homes nowadays, also develop a live chat forum.... Cheers Everyone involved Feel free to contact me anyone! Regards Phil Powner Present Address: Perth, Western Australia

PRICE, Kim [1966-1972] E-mail address: Kim@lennon20.freeserve.co.uk Comments: I was a pupil at Templars school between the years of 1966- 1972 and then went on to Tile Hill Wood. Many of my family went to the school when it was known as Whoberley. My fathers surname was Price and his brothers and sister attended, also my mother went to the school during the 1940's her maiden name was Keeling. We went to the re-union in 1999 and my mum met up with some old friends also I saw a photo of her at school. It was a really enjoyable evening. Kim Lennon.

QUINN, K [recent] E-mail address: florecent_flowers@hotmail.com Comments: i very recently finished my long hard years in templars and now i am in year 8 at tile hill wood secondry school.if any of you want to know what the school is like now, just send me an email! Present Address: tile hill

REED, Joan [1952 - 1958 ]I was at Templars Infants & Juniors between 1952 - 1958. I started in Mrs Jones's class in the Infants & had Junior teachers Mrs Riley, Mrs Maddison & Mr Woods. Mr Smith was the Junior Headteacher & Mrs Ward was Infant Head. Would love to hear from any classmates. I went on to Tile Hill Wood. I am still living in Coventry & hope to make it to the next reunion as I missed the last one. Joan Suddens,  101 Brixham Drive Wyken Green Coventry W. Midlands CV2 3LP

REED, Susan [1955 - 1961] I was at Templars school from 1955-1961. My first year was spent in Miss Sueter's class. My third year I was in Miss Elliman's class. In the junior's, I had Mrs Piper, Mrs Madddison and Mr Wood as my teachers. My particular friends were Angela Smith and Susan Tearne. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Maiden Name if appl.: Reed Present Address: Warwick

RUSSELL, John [www.covkid.org.uk] [1954 - 1957] E-mail address: john@covkid.force9.co.uk Homepage URL: http://www.covkid.force9.co.uk/ Comments: Only spent a few years at the school during 1954-7 then moved to Fowler Rd coundon Remender the old boiler house ??? Present Address: Coventry ( of course ( some of us had to stay behind !

SPRAGG, Jenny [1984-1989] E-mail address: jenny.spragg@virgin.net Comments: Hi, I was at Templars from 1984 to 1989 having previously been at Gosford Park in Stoke. I was in Mr Rose's class which I seem to remember was filled with all the naughty boys (as he was the only one who could shout loud enough!) and I was one of the four token girls! My brother and sister also went to school and my mother still works there. I loved that old building and was very sad to see it pulled down. Present Address: Oxfordshire

SCOTT, Tyrone [no details] TScott8187@aol.com

Da SILVA, Marcelo Machado [1993 -1995] Hello! i attended templars from around 1993 to 1995, I was in Ms Blakemore's class. i am now living in my coutry, Brazil, and I have to thank ms blakemore for all the help she gave me when I was learning to speak english THANKS A LOT! write to Present Address: Rua Trento n 160 Bairro bandeirantes Belo Horizonte, minas gerais, brazil postal code: 31340460

SNOOKS, Emma [unknown] i loved this old school with all the spooky stories im 27 now and really miss looking at that beautiful old building and it was really upsetting when they pulled it down my favourite teacher was Mrs Viner Present Address: 66 Gerard Avenue, Canley emmasnooks@yahoo.co.uk

STRAUGHAN, Sylvia [ ] E-mail address: batchelor135@aol.com Comments: Attended Whoberley infants and Templars Junior Schools. Lived in Tile Hill Lane, had a cousin Delia Evans who also attended the schools, she lived in Eastcotes. Was in the same year as Jason Thompson, Hazel Green, Pat Hartley etc, If you look at Pat Burdetts' photo of the pantomime I am in the ballet tutu as the genie of the ring on the left of the photo. Maiden Name if appl.: Straughan Sylvia Batchelor, 135 Unicorn Avenue Eastern Green COVENTRY CV5 7FB

STEVENS, Norma [1949-1955] now GRIFFITHS ngriffit@eisa.net.au [e-mail no longer active]

SULLIVAN, Jamie [1991-1997] Homepage URL: http://jamiesccfcsite.homestead.com/mywebsite.html Comments: Hi all Templars students i attended during about 1991 to about 1997,my name is jamie sullivan and I was in mrs Hartleys class when I left but Mr.Price was also my teacher,i was taught by mrs clay and mrs viner aswell. Present Address: Coventry

SWEENEY, Bill [1950-1955] I attended Templars Infants in 1950, and juniors from 1950 to 1955, and then Bablake. My sister Patricia attended from 1950 to 1957, and then went to Whitley Abbey. My sister Carol, attended from 1955 to 1961, then to Coundon Court. Present Address: 273, Broad Lane, Coventry, CV5 7AQ

TEMPLETON, Lorraine [1940-1946] Attended Whoberley from 1940 until 1946. Now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Surname now SCHULTZ. Present Address: 44 Bloomington Cres. North York, Ontario, Canada
lorron@yesic.com [e-mail no longer active]

THORP, LEIGH [unknown] Many happy memories had at Templars, three generations of the family now having walked through its corridors. Would welcome any emails from old school friends. Present Address: Coundon, Coventry. anleyhg@msn.com

TRAY, Michaela [now FRANCIS] [unknown] I can remember it all as if it was yesterday. Choir practice, tuck,orchestra, assembly every day. The way the classroom doors opened outwards. Playing UNDER the stage. Loved the quad, the huts, the gym. Remember my teachers in junior as mrs Dent, mrs davies, mrs wale and mrs o'neill. I also remember turning the top corridor (4th year classrooms) into a Tudor street. Radford specials. Charlie bat. Mr manning then mr holdcroft. Going to mrs gilkes for my dinner tickets. Sports day and the may pole, what ever happened to that I wonder? Singing away in a manger in front of the piano at the Christmas concert aged 7. The buildings may be gone but it all still lives on. Miki.francis@yahoo.co.uk

TURNER, Loretta [1959-1963] I attended Templars girls school between 1959 and 1963. My teacher was Miss Bedford.Miss Aylward was Head,Miss Spicer and Miss Fielding both took sports. Maiden Name Turner Present Address: kircudbright Scotland

Please forward your e-mail address for inclusion:

Templars Primary School

1940 Joan Ratcliff 1942 Alma Watson 1943 Mair Jones 1948 Sylvia Chapman (Chappie) 1948 Julie Rogers
1949 David Hunt (Dave)
1949 Alexander Murray (Muz) 1949 Alan Ractliffe 1949 Bob Edwards 1949 Sylvia Platten

1950 David Bolton 1950 Jack Brown 1950 Keith Howarth 1950 Margaret Rawlings (Rowley) 1950 Judy Reece 1950 Paddy Moore 1950 Margaret Rawling 1950 Barbara Ann Houlston
1951 John Davies 1951 Alex Milne 1951 Joan Bond 1951 Harry Harrison 1951 Robert Heaford 1951 Joan Elizabeth Trivitt 1951 Bryan Ward 1951 Gillian Ward 1951 Maureen Sullivan 1951 Julie Gibbons (Joolls)
1952 Jeanette Bull 1952 Sylvia Chapman (Chappie) 1952 Frank Edwards 1952 David Hunt (Dave) 1952 Alan Lord 1952 Michael Newbold 1952 Peter Clarke 1952 Dawn Critchlow 1952 Gillian Davies 1952 Freda Fearn 1952 Paul Waite
1953 Olive Bricknell (Oli Parker) 1953 Valerie Bridges 1953 Barbara Ann Houlston 1953 Roger Miles 1953 Alexander Murray (Muz) 1953 Robert Rowley 1953 Tyrone Scott 1953 Fred Stamp 1953 Veronica Bird 1953 Alexander Murray
1954 Jeanette Smith 1954 Leslie Ball 1954 Michael Brewer 1954 Stanley Calland 1954 Peter Clarke 1954 James Elliott 1954 Shirley Gordon (shirley) 1954 Peter Hindmarch 1954 Anne James Morrison 1954 Alex Milne 1954 Paddy Moore 1954 John Munday 1954 Roland Rowson 1954 Eric Scofield (Scoey) 1954 Tyrone Scott 1954 Clive Wesson
1955 Laurence William Clark 1955 Anthony Gilks (Tony) 1955 Philip Horsfall 1955 Trevor John 1955 Michael Rogers 1955 Laurence William Clark 1955 Maureen Clutterbuck 1955 Carol Fletcher 1955 Julie Gibbons (joolls) 1955 Keith Jones 1955 Jim Renella 1955 Maureen Sullivan 1955 Trevor John 1955 Lynn Simpson
1956 Eric Golby 1956 Veronica Bird 1956 Stephen Chipchase 1956 Gillian Davies 1956 Eric Golby 1956 Shirley Gordon (shirl) 1956 Louise McNeal (Lou) 1956 Patricia Pearson 1956 Clayton Pharoah (Clay) 1956 John Price (Shun) 1956 John Raven 1956 Robin Toogood 1956 Evan Williams (Flash) 1956 Keith Jones 1956 Christine Venning (Chris)
1957 Malc Beasley 1957 Norman Biles 1957 Geof Burns 1957 Diane Fulton 1957 Pauline Garner 1957 Glen Griffiths 1957 Malcolm Harris 1957 John Hickling 1957 Valerie Hopkins (Anne) 1957 Carole Milton 1957 Stephen Mitchell 1957 Judith steedman 1957 Graham Stott (buster) 1957 Clive Wesson1957 Michael Purvis
1958 Gerald Court (Gus) 1958 Heather Huscroft 1958 Joan Reed 1958 John Reid1958 Keith Briggs (briggo) 1958 Brian Fletcher 1958 Chris Griffin (Griff) 1958 Janet Hickman 1958 Phil Horsfall 1958 Philip Horsfall 1958 Gail Hughes 1958 Ronald Jefferies (Ron) 1958 Trevor John 1958 Julie Jones 1958 Ann Lloyd 1958 Ian Mitchell (Mitch) 1958 Bill Parkes 1958 Roy Prescott 1958 Valerie Reeves 1958 John Reid 1958 Michael Rogers 1958 Charles Rouse 1958 Lynn Simpson 1958 Pete Simpson 1958 Gillian Smith (Jill) 1958 Jeanette Smith
1959 Anne Williams 1959 Anthony Hales 1959 Ruth McIntosh 1959 Vicky Bates 1959 Graham Beasley 1959 Judith Chipchase 1959 Valerie Dixon (Val) 1959 Barbara Eaves (Babs) 1959 Lesley Faulkner 1959 Alan Fitchett 1959 Anthony Gilks (Tony) 1959 Sue Holland 1959 Keith Lloyd (Hank) 1959 Ruth McIntosh 1959 Vaughan Miles 1959 Isobel Murray 1959 Kenneth Newcombe 1959 Josie Roberts 1959 Janet Taylor 1959 Mary Ware 1959 Barry Wood

1960 Lesley Brown (Colkin) 1960 Jacqueline Burlison [Curly Burly] jacquline.burlison@sky.com1960 Stewart Claridge 1960 Carol Cleland 1960 Joyce Dixon 1960 Alan Garner 1960 Janet Grimley 1960 Susan Hutt 1960 Keith Rebbeck 1960 Philip Shepard (Phil) 1960 Mary Stevenson 1960 Alexander Stuart Borthwick 1960 Robert Watts1960 Ann Wright 1960 Vicky Hawthorne 1960 Susan Hutt 1960 Keith Rebbeck 1960 Mary Stevenson
1961 Lena Brown 1961 Christopher Coleman (Steve) 1961 Lorraine Evans 1961 David Knight 1961 Martin Swift (Biffo/Biff) 1961 Michael Thompson 1961 Ann Wilson 1961 Deborah Bayliss 1961 Gail Hulme 1961 Lorraine Evans 1961 Terry Pead 1961 Michael Thompson 1961 Ann Wilson
1962 Janet Browning 1962 Rosamund Cole 1962 Lorraine Evans 1962 Antony Hunt 1962 Heather Huscroft 1962 Paul Littler 1962 Garry (Mitch) Mitchell (gaz mitch) 1962 Norman Peacock 1962 Jane Taylor 1962 Kenneth Walters 1962 Maureen Yates (Mo) 1962 Tony Hunt
thunt@xtra.co.nz 1962 Trevor Smith
1963 Martin Bayliss 1963 Steve Bellamy 1963 Susan Burdett 1963 Pete Crapper 1963 Ernie Or Lesley Cullen 1963 Colin Davies 1963 Jill Eaves 1963 Ben Etherington 1963 Susan Meadows 1963 John Paton 1963 Jeffrey Pead (Peady) 1963 Andrew Peters 1963 Shirley Richards 1963 Glynis Thom 1963 Jacqueline Thompson (Jackie) 1963 Julia Tift1963 Martin Bayliss 1963 Susan Burdett 1963 Pete Crapper 1963 Colin Davies 1963 Jill Eaves 1963 Chris Hutt (Hutty/Charlie) 1963 John Paton 1963 Peter Peabody (Bean) 1963 Jeffrey Pead (Peady) 1963 Andrew Peters 1963 Glynis Thom 1963 Julia Tift 1963 Michael Peevor 1963 Peggy Price
1964 Margaret Ball (Maggie) 1964 Brenda Brookes (Dolly Eyes) 1964 Frances Charlton 1964 Tony Coleman 1964 Mike Cooper 1964 Lynda Davies 1964 ) 1964 Sue Lloyd 1964 Jim Lodder (Jimmy) 1964 Johnstone Marilyn 1964 Barbara Marshall 1964 Keith Richmond (Rich) 1964 Dave Scholes (Schollops) 1964 Sandra Smallwood 1964 Brenda Brookes (Dolly Eyes) 1964 Frances Charlton 1964 Tony Coleman 1964 Mike Cooper 1964 Lynda Davies 1964 William Hartley (Billy)
tilehillkid@yahoo.co.uk 1964 Sue Lloyd 1964 Johnstone Marilyn 1964 Paul Nash 1964 Keith Richmond (Rich) 1964 Mary Ware 1964 Pat Williams
1965 Margaret Ball (Maggie) 1965 Deborah Bayliss 1965 John Boulton 1965 Lynda Bullingham (Lyn) 1965 Les Carr 1965 Ann Gibson 1965 Caroline Griffin 1965 Vicky Hawthorne 1965 Nigel Hodgkins 1965 Meryl Jackman 1965 Susan Meadows1965 Jackie Paton 1965 Heather Thompson (Tom) 1965 Joe Tunney 1965 Susan Wood (Woody)1965 Deborah Bayliss 1965 Les Carr 1965 Paul Clay (Cass) 1965 Nigel Hodgkins 1965 Jackie Paton 1965 Michael Riley 1965 Heather Thompson (Tom) 1965 Susan Wood (Woody) 1965 Georgina Bridges 1965 Derek Brown
1966 Barbara Cooksey 1966 Mark Cresswell 1966 Stuart Edge 1966 Sharon Edwards 1966 Lynne Fawson 1966 Susan Firth 1966 Mark Fulton (Mark) 1966 Jose Grimley 1966 Lindsey Guthrie 1966 Gail Hulme 1966 Karen Lillie 1966 Andree Lloyd 1966 Isobel Murray 1966 Michael Riley 1966 Carol Standbridge 1966 Adele Woodhouse1966 Rob (Peter Robert) Lea 1966 Frank Roberts 1966 Richard Schofield 1966 Ken Scofield 1966 Barbara Cooksey 1966 Mark Cresswell 1966 Stuart Edge 1966 Sharon Edwards 1966 Lynne Fawson 1966 Susan Firth 1966 Mhairi Fleming (Dinky) 1966 Jose Grimley 1966 Gail Hulme 1966 Chas Hurst 1966 Michelle Hutt 1966 Carol Standbridge 1966 Adele Woodhouse
1967 Gillian Banks 1967 Richard Cole (Frank) 1967 Jim Cooke 1967 Terry Cooper 1967 Peter Cottle 1967 Patricia Culbert 1967 Tony Garrett 1967 Grahame Green 1967 Cheryl Holland 1967 John Hudson 1967 Carol Hyde 1967 Glenis Jackson (Glen) 1967 Trudie Kerr 1967 Jayne Porter 1967 Jayne Richmond 1967 Christina Smith (bonner)1967 Mick Buckley 1967 Steve Scarle 1967 Ben Tough 1967 Gillian Banks 1967 Steve Bridgeman 1967 Jim Cooke 1967 Peter Cottle 1967 Tony Garrett 1967 Grahame Green 1967 Stephanie Healey 1967 Trudie Kerr 1967 Jayne Porter 1967 Jayne Richmond
1968 Sandra Bonar 1968 Wendy Brookes 1968 Stephen Brown 1968 Chris Buckley 1968 Karen Budge 1968 Peter Derby 1968 Mick Everett 1968 Anne Flowers 1968 Jan Gauden (Janette) 1968 Clint Goddard 1968 David Harpley 1968 Keith Hart (Kidnee Junior) 1968 Gaynor Jackson 1968 Allison Kay 1968 Tony Mackness 1968 Jeannette Macquire (Jeannie) 1968 Paul Perry 1968 Stephanie Pettyfer 1968 Geoff Reason 1968 Sandra Selby (Slibs) 1968 Graham Shiner (Sonny) 1968 Michael Tite (Mick) 1968 Pat Williams 1968 Michael Buckley 1968 Karen Budge 1968 Peter Derby 1968 Anne Flowers 1968 Keith Hart (Kidnee Junior) 1968 Gaynor Jackson 1968 Tony Mackness 1968 Jeannette Macquire (Jeannie) 1968 Paul Perry 1968 Geoff Reason 1968 Pat Williams 1968 Christine Green 1968 John Martin 1968 Karen Perrett 1968 Jacqueline Thompson (Jackie)
1969 Charles Allen (Chips) 1969 Roy Boulton 1969 Derek Brown 1969 Richard Denny 1969 John Evans 1969 Lorraine Gibbons (Lolly) 1969 David Howe 1969 Trevor Jones (Jonesy) 1969 Janet Mountford 1969 Barry Pettyfer 1969 Stephen Smith 1969 Denise Timms 1969 Lesley Williams 1969 Gary Hurley 1969 Charles Allen (Chips) 1969 Roy Boulton 1969 Derek Brown 1969 Lorraine Gibbons (Lolly) 1969 David Howe 1969 Tim Hoyle 1969 Graham Shiner 1969 Louise Simmonds 1969 Graham Slater 1969 Norma Thompson 1969 Gay Wilkins

1970 Glen Duncan 1970 Barbara Dunn 1970 Karl Ennis 1970 Venice Groom 1970 Tim Hoyle 1970 Jayne James 1970 Karen Luker 1970 Paul Pennycook 1970 Julie Rich 1970 Graham Scholes 1970 Nada Smith 1970 Michael Winter 1970 Olive Edwards 1970 Anthony Wardlow 1970 Barbara Dunn 1970 Beryl Goodall 1970 Jayne James 1970 Karen Luker 1970 Paul Pennycook 1970 John Potts (Nobby) 1970 Linda Simons 1970 Nada Smith 1970 Michael Winter
1971 Carol Amos (Amos) 1971 Jill Baimbridge 1971 Mike Beaumont (Tebboth) 1971 Leigh Boswell 1971 Joy Bradford 1971 Barbara Buxton (Babs) 1971 Elaine Currie 1971 Christine Harpley 1971 Peter Jennings 1971 Michelle Pead 1971 Karen Perrett 1971 Steve Scarle 1971 Dean Spiers 1971 Ben Tough 1971 Steve Upton 1971 Joy Wilkins 1971 Joy Wilkins1971 Carol Amos (Amos) 1971 Christine Green 1971 Christine Harpley 1971 John Martin 1971 Karen Perrett 1971 Terry Proud 1971 Steve Scarle 1971 Dean Spiers 1971 Ben Tough 1971 Maxine West 1971 Karen Fraser 1971 Tracey Rawlings
1972 Derek Bayliss 1972 Patricia Brunt 1972 Alison Bull 1972 Lesley Caine 1972 Stephen Carey [Steve] 1972 Annette Cook 1972 Sue Dunn 1972 Julie Egglestone 1972 Susan Jarvis 1972 Jacquie Lucas 1972 Debbie Lynne 1972 John Martin 1972 Paul Stewart (Stewy /Snowy) 1972 Garry Tucker 1972 Lynda Wakefield 1972 Michael Walker1972 Derek Bayliss 1972 Patricia Brunt 1972 Alison Bull 1972 Steve Carey 1972 Annette Cook 1972 Sue Dunn 1972 Julie Egglestone 1972 Anne Grimley 1972 Jacquie Lucas 1972 Debbie O'Brien 1972 Garry Tucker 1972 Tracey Barford
1973 Paul Adair 1973 Jayne Allton 1973 Cyril Brown 1973 Jill Burgess 1973 Anthea Burns 1973 Wendy Carter 1973 Tez Coleman 1973 Rob Davies (RD) 1973 Lesley Duncan 1973 Belinda Gregory 1973 Keith Haycock 1973 Julie Howells 1973 Debbie Hurley 1973 Abdulla Kelly (Abbey) 1973 Mandy Mace 1973 Karen McCauley (Kazza) 1973 Christine McMahon 1973 Annette Naylor 1973 Linda Needham 1973 Tracy Perry (Pez) 1973 Stephen Reddick 1973 Julie Rennie 1973 Pete Ryan 1973 Mark Spriggs (Spriggy) 1973 Peter White (Pete)1973 Cyril Brown 1973 Jill Burgess 1973 Anthea Burns 1973 Angelina Clarke 1973 Tez Coleman 1973 Rob Davies 1973 Lesley Duncan 1973 Keith Haycock 1973 Julie Howells 1973 Debbie Hurley 1973 Abdulla Kelly (Abbey) 1973 Mandy Mace 1973 Karen McCauley 1973 Paul Newman (Boss) 1973 Robert Reddick 1973 Gary Frost
1974 Sue Baimbridge 1974 Lesley Bedding 1974 Mark Beswick (Bez) 1974 Arlene Dewar 1974 Mandy Ellis 1974 John Gate (Gatesy) 1974 Alan Gladman 1974 Joanne Ingram 1974 James Keilloh [Jim] 1974 Tracy Littler 1974 Tracey Smith 1974 Janice Taylor (Jan) 1974 Andy Tucker1974 Lesley Bedding 1974 Mandy Ellis 1974 John Gate 1974 Alan Gladman 1974 Angela Jones 1974 John Sadler 1974 Andy Tucker 1974 Gaynor Buckley 1974 Alan Cartwright 1974 Martin Drake 1974 Annette Ferris 1974 Fiona Galway 1974 Michael(Mick) Walsh
1975 Rob Atkinson 1975 Sandra Barry (Sandy) 1975 Jackie Calcott 1975 Julia Calton 1975 Mandy Chipchase (chip) 1975 Paul Clark 1975 Jane Connoll 1975 Steve Cooper 1975 Paula Cufflin 1975 Hayley Firth 1975 Christine Gladman (Chirs) 1975 Paul Grys 1975 Louise Howell 1975 Caron Jones 1975 Karen Jones 1975 Matt Kelly 1975 Dawn McCauley 1975 Brian Morgan 1975 Alison Payne 1975 Barry Pearce 1975 Tracey Rawlings 1975 Mandy Rhodes 1975 Michaela Tray (Miki) 1975 Andrew Tsoi (Andy) 1975 Tracey White 1975 Fiona Wilson 1975 Rob Atkinson 1975 Sandra Barry (Sandy) 1975 Adrian Black (Cilla) 1975 Julia Calton 1975 Mandy Chipchase (Chip) 1975 Jane Connoll 1975 Steve Cooper 1975 Hayley Firth 1975 Karen Fraser 1975 Louise Howell 1975 Matt Kelly 1975 Dawn McCauley 1975 Alison Payne 1975 Barry Pearce 1975 Tracey Rawlings 1975 Mandy Rhodes 1975 Michaela Tray (Miki) 1975 Fiona Wilson 1975 Hayley Firth
1976 Mark Beswick (Bez) 1976 Russell Brown 1976 Wesley Campbell 1976 Jayne Edgar 1976 David Ford (Fordy) 1976 Michelle French 1976 Maxine Gilling 1976 Nigel Johnson 1976 Tim Lewis 1976 Michael Rennie 1976 Tony Roe (Rolo) 1976 Stacey Scott 1976 Richard Smith 1976 Jane Staddon 1976 Alison Watts 1976 Paddy Witherow (Pete) 1976 Mark Beswick (Bez) 1976 Russell Brown 1976 Wesley Campbell 1976 Michelle French 1976 Nigel Johnson 1976 Tracey Ridd 1976 Steve Roberts 1976 Tony Roe (Rolo) 1976 Stacey Scott 1976 Richard Smith 1976 Jane Staddon 1976 Joanne Cooper 1976 Steven Garner 1976 Briony Parker 1976 Stephen Radford
1977 Karen Checkley 1977 Stephen Frost 1977 Christopher Price 1977 Sally West 1977 Mark Wood 1977 Melanie Woodbridge 1977 Mark Woodfield (Woody) 1977 Julie Bebbington 1977 Sharron Booth 1977 Karen Checkley (Checkley) 1977 Tracey Conway 1977 Julie Court 1977 ian Davies 1977 Kevin Durham 1977 Barbara Freeman 1977 Stephen Frost 1977 Paul Gibson 1977 Janette Handy 1977 Julie Hunt 1977 Christopher Price 1977 Linda Ronan 1977 Sally West 1977 Mark Wood 1977 Melanie Woodbridge 1977 Mark Woodfield (Woody) 1977 Karen Checkley 1977 Angie Payne 1977 Sally West
1978 Vanessa Antoniw (Ness) 1978 Vanessa Antoniw 1978 Alun Bedding (Alfie) 1978 Gaynor Buckley 1978 Dawn Davies 1978 Martin Drake 1978 Michelle Emerton (shell) 1978 Jamie Fleming 1978 Fiona Galway 1978 Gillian Green 1978 Colin Hudson 1978 Andrew Jackson (Jacko) 1978 Milena Jones 1978 Karen Judge 1978 Neil McGonigle 1978 Jane Moore 1978 Debbie Mycock 1978 John Park 1978 Susan Porter 1978 Maggie Roberts 1978 Carl Scott 1978 Danny Titcombe 1978 Michael Walsh (Mick) 1978 Vanessa Antoniw (Ness) 1978 Alun Bedding (Alfie) 1978 Gaynor Buckley 1978 Martin Drake 1978 Michelle Emerton (Mich) 1978 Jamie Fleming 1978 Fiona Galway 1978 Andrew Jackson (Jacko) 1978 Milena Jones 1978 Karen Judge 1978 Jane Moore 1978 Debbie Mycock 1978 Maggie Roberts 1978 Carl Scott 1978 Michael(Mick) Walsh
1979 Mark Andrews (Fatz) 1979 Graham Ashford 1979 Kate Banham 1979 Helen Bayliss 1979 Mark Bolton 1979 Garry Cannon (Gaz) 1979 Dean Davies 1979 April Donnelly 1979 Marian Doyle 1979 Lisa Edwards 1979 Janette Handy 1979 Michelle Hardy-King 1979 Adrian Lee 1979 Jason Lewis 1979 Jason Lewis 1979 Sarah Lucas 1979 Jackie Murtagh (Jack) 1979 Gillian Naylor 1979 Richard Newbold 1979 David Ord 1979 Rachael Orton 1979 Colin Peabody 1979 Deborah Pinkerton 1979 Sharon Quinn 1979 Kim Southorn 1979 Tina Stevens 1979 Richard Thomas 1979 Mark Andrews (Fatz) 1979 Kate Banham 1979 Helen Bayliss 1979 Mark Bolton 1979 April Donnelly 1979 Marian Doyle 1979 Lisa Edwards 1979 Janette Handy 1979 Michelle Hardy-King 1979 Jason Lewis 1979 Sarah Lucas 1979 Darren Neale 1979 Rachael Orton 1979 Deborah Pinkerton 1979 Sharon Quinn 1979 Kim Southorn 1979 Tina Stevens 1979 Richard Thomas 1979 Stuart Wilson (Sid)

1980 Mark Cooper 1980 David Rice 1980 Rachel Adams 1980 Karen Biggs (Biggsy) 1980 Steve Blundred 1980 Mary Brennan 1980 Gary Clarke 1980 Julie Cockshutt 1980 Lee Etherington 1980 David Gair 1980 Steven Garner 1980 Sam Giles 1980 Debbie Greenway 1980 Phil Jones 1980 Michelle Judge 1980 Dave Keefe 1980 Chris Kelly 1980 Paula McKay 1980 Maria Obirek 1980 Alan Oldfield 1980 Andrew Perrins (Pez) 1980 Barrie Roberts 1980 Wayne Storey 1980 Tim Strong 1980 Jane Tolley 1980 Jackie Twaites
1981 Mark Cooper 1981 Alison Durham 1981 Richard Gravenor 1981 Jo Harvey 1981 Michelle Judge 1981 Paula Sallis 1981 Justin Curtlin (juddie) 1981 Jo Harvey 1981 Rebecca Hollingsworth
1982 Ruth Abercrombie 1982 Claire Batten (Batty) 1982 Debra Graham 1982 Paul Smith 1982 Kerry Youngsmith (Smith) 1982 Laura Collins 1982 Philip Doyle
Philip.Doyle@matchettgroup.com 1982 Jenny Drogan 1982 Jason Savage
1983 Joanne Evans 1983 Neil Chinn 1983 Stephen Smith
1984 Sarah Makepeace 1984 Lorna Salmon 1984 Paul Drogan 1984 Paul Forrest
1985 Jennie Howell 1985 Trudy Scrimshaw 1985 Mark Ball (Ballbag) 1985 Joanne Cooper 1985 Clare McCann 1985 Samm Pegler 1985 Marie Shore-Marston 1985 Dave Whittaker 1985 Leanne Wyer
1986 Scott Bennion 1986 Warren Boyd 1986 Pete Frost (Frosty) 1986 Jennie Howell 1986 Sarah McGrath 1986 Warren Boyd 1986 Sophia Carter (Stumpy or Titch) 1986 Craig Dingley (Dings) 1986 Robert Edwards 1986 Nicky Lammas 1986 Lee Pointer
1987 Colleen Duggan 1987 Marc Foster (Fozzy) 1987 Rob Parkes 1987 Rachael Griffin 1987 Nicola Hammond 1987 Trevor Roberts
1988 Michelle Brown 1988 Glynn Ford (Fordy) 1988 Gary Davison 1988 Donna Egan 1988 Kelly Ronan 1988 Kerry Youngsmith
1989 Barry Hover 1989 Donna Lawless 1989 Marc Mills (Millsey) 1989 Amanda Reid 1989 Trudy Scrimshaw

1990 Kelly Brown 1990 Susan Mahony (Sue)1990 Angela Jones 1990 Kelly Smith
1991 Rashida Akbar 1991 Claire Cameron 1991 Emma Hammond 1991 Carl Harrison (Harry) 1991 Amy Oldfield 1991 Vicki Medlock 1991 Edward Walker
1992 Kalim Akbar 1992 Sarah Arnold 1992 Kate Foster 1992 Paul Hurley 1992 Claire Jennings 1992 Anna MacGregor 1992 Shell Moynihan 1992 Nicola evans 1992 Kerry Mulhern
1993 Deborah Clarke 1993 Jamie Claydon (JC) 1993 Becky Hirons 1993 Kelly Lynch 1993 Kerry Baker
1994 Linsey Greenway (Stingey) 1994 Natalie Jones 1994 Sarah-Jayne Moulton 1994 Wayne Vilic 1994 Michelle Nash (Mich) 1994 Claire Price 1994 Richard Spiers 1994 Sam Vincent
1995 Steve Arnold 1995 Kevin Baker 1995 Claire Grinham 1995 Louise Hartland 1995 Amy Kearney 1995 Heather McGee 1995 Carrie Ann Oakley 1995 Nicola Pearcey 1995 Tony Randle 1995 Louise Hartland 1995 Stephen Jeffery 1995 Sharon watts (Bloggs)
1996 Paul Baxter (Goober) 1996 Debbie Moulton 1996 Karen Nicholson 1996 Kayleigh Thomson 1996 Amanda Wake 1996 Mark Weston 1996 Karen Nicholso
1997 Aimee Bullingham 1997 Kerrie Herbert 1997 Caroline Kelly 1997 Emily Brown 1997 Aimee Bullingham 1997 Daniel Carter 1997 Kerri Colley 1997 Rob Cureton 1997 Sharon Dovey 1997 Danielle Gunson 1997 Chris Hirons 1997 Joanne Houston 1997 Terry Lolley 1997 Ashley Masters (Ash) 1997 Lisa Mooney 1997 Rich Seedhouse
1998 Craig Bragg (Braggy) 1998 Becki Brinkley 1998 Kayleigh Hockham 1998 Stacey-Ann Kelly (Stacey) 1998 Terry Lolley (Tez) 1998 Michelle Nash (Mich) 1998 Tiffany Taylor 1998 Daniel Thompson1998 Becki Brinkley (Sexibex) 1998 Mike Cole 1998 Toni Crutchlow 1998 Mirelle Price
1999 Shane Bliss (Croft) 1999 Andrew Blower (Lofty) 1999 Samantha Hibberd 1999 Hollie Medcraft

2000 Paul Stevens 2000 Natasha Brinkley (Tasha) 2000 Nicky Geddes (Sprouts, Light Bulb) 2000 Catherine Queen 2000 Emma Smyth
2001 Kelly Brownhill 2001 Kelly Murden (Kelzy) 2001 Suzanne Pearson (Suzie) 2001 Stacie Fairbrother
2002 Sophie Bavington 2002 Chrissy Langley 2002 Alyssa Moore

also Templars Girls' Senior School

1950 Judy Reece  1951 Patricia Wroe  1954 Barbara Johnson  1955 Sylvia Chapman (Chappie)  1955 Julie Rogers  1957 Valerie George 
1957 Brenda Walker  1959 Ann Chester 1959 Gillian Davies  1959 Gillian Harkus  1959 Sheila Jackson  1959 Margaret Morrison 
1959 Susan Taylor  1959 Rosemary Todd 

1960 Diane Bridge  1960 June McCord  1960 Myra Rowe  1961 Ann Morss  1961 Pauline Payne  1961 Pat Sharples  1961 Diane Venus 
1962 Mary Bryan  1962 Barbara Chapman  1962 Diane Jenkins  1962 Shirley Kilsby  1962 Rosemary Nash  1962 Margaret Reynolds 
1963 Cynthia Craddock  1963 Jeanette Moore  1963 Isobel Murray  1963 Anita Woodward  1964 Linda Dunning  1965 Joan Callow 
1965 Margaret Edgar  1966 Hazel Mercer  1966 Sue Watson  1967 Alyson Brodrick  1967 Jill Eaves  1968 Sue Elston  1968 Lilias Munro
Lilias.Maddock@btinternet.com 1969 Laraine Davies (Loz)  1969 Morag Deacon  1969 Sue Lloyd  1969 Gay Pinks  1969 Hazel Richards 
1969 Pat Williams 

1970 Gillian Banks  1972 Gillian Morgan 

also Whoberley Primary School

1941 Geraldine McGrath

1950 Richard Loake 1954 Jill Lyndon 1955 John Chambers 1955 Sandra Moore 1957 Brian Blackford 1957 David Stables 1959 Colin Grundy 1959 Paul McLeod (Mac) 1959 Gillian Sharpe

1960 Andrew Blyth 1960 Jane Smith 1961 Philip Thomas 1962 Jane Glover 1964 Chris Burdett 1964 Robert Hall 1965 Margaret Langford (Maggi) 1966 Kevin Morgan (Moggs moggsy) 1967 David Jackson 1967 Jane Savory 1968 Julie Fennell 1969 Terence-John Davies

1970 Trevor McClay 1970 Andrew Smith 1970 Paul Tasker 1971 Jonathan Brown 1971 Peter Marston 1972 Sian Eastick 1972 Malcolm Gatenby 1972 Jane Randle 1973 Angelo Abela 1973 Steve Hall 1973 Marc Thompson 1973 Mark Thompson (tommo) 1974 Alison Clifton
1974 Roger Grafton 1974 Rob Jordan 1974 Karen Anne Villiers 1975 Graham Cole 1975 Caroline Grafton 1975 Matthew Jones
1975 Dean Keating (deano) 1975 Norah Muskett 1976 Garry Barr 1976 Susan Donovan 1976 Lee Grafton 1976 Susan Powell 1976 Robert Thomson 1977 Mark Barrett 1977 John Donovan 1977 William McCauley 1978 Sandra Burns 1978 Carolyn Rainbow 1978 Andrea Williams 1979 Stephen Barr 1979 Vince Gillin 1979 Johanne Tully (Jo) 1979 Julie Wright

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Names and Addresses of ex-staff:

BEDFORD, June [no details] now living in Keresley, Warwickshire

BELL Mrs [no details]

BULLOCK, Ena [no details] now living in Cheylesmore, Coventry

CHADWICK, Betty [no details] now living in Maidstone, Kent

DAVIES, Marian [no details] now living in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

ELLIMAN, Marjorie [no details] now living in Cheylesmore, Coventry

HADLAND, Jean [no details] now living in Allesley, Coventry

JONES, Mollie [no details] now living in Coventry

PORTER, M L [1933-1950] now living in Stivichall, Coventry

THOMAS, Dan [no details] now living in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

YEOMANS, Ruth [no details] now living in Coventry

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Templars School

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