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[Dave LEEBRICK, Kansas USA]  "This file is a copy of the carbon copy of three typewritten pages passed on to me by my mother. The person named Ann O'CONNER was a sister of my maternal grandmother, and is related to the DOVASTON family in the following manner. There is no date or address present on these pages.Ann O'CONNER, born 1 March 1890 in Elk county, Kansas, died 16 Jul 1971 in Kirkland, Washington.Ann was a daughter of Joseph Franklin CONNER and Jane Catherine "Jennie" BUDD. Jennie BUDD was born 12 June 1855 in Binghamtom, New York and died 19 Feb 1944 in Kirkland, Washington.Jennie BUDD was the daughter of John BUDD and Mary DOVASTON. Mary DOVASTON was born in England, and was the daughter of William DOVASTON, born 2 May 1793 and Jane DAVIES, born about 1804. Contents of the typewritten pages begin here. Format of those pages is maintained here."

Some particulars relating to The DOVASTON Family erstwhile of the Old Farm at DOVASTON a township of Kinnerley, in the County of Salop England. [Compiled for Ann O'CONNER of the City of Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A. by her Kinsman, Adolphus DOVASTON of Ealing Middlesex England, Architect.]

Daniel DOVASTON------------------------ Joan  , a daughter of  MILLINGTON, a

Owner of a freehold estate at DOVASTON                    Merchant of Shrewsbury, whose

"Which had been held by his family                                 descendant was Doctor MILLINGTON,

since the days of Good Queen Bess and                          the founder of Millington Hospital

still so remains". He came to the ad-                               in 1774 and who endowed a scholar-

joining parish of West Felton in the                                  ship tenable at Oxford University

year 1675.                                                                            for boys bred at Shrewsbury

                                                                                               School of much renown.

                                                                          [Joan died 1679].

Daniel---------------------------------------------- Ann , a daughter of John WILLIAMS

of the Old Farm West Felton                                           the son of WILLIAMS who under

                                                                       the Crown the Manor of West Felton

                                                                       and lived in the Manor House near

                                                                       the Church. A sister of Ann

                                                                       married a LAYTHROP of the Old

                                                                       Court West Felton and afterwards

                                                                                            of the United States of America

                                                                       where his descendants still live.

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: Unfortunately, there is no mention of Daniel DOVASTON in the LDS IGI for Shropshire].

John------------------------------------------------- Mary b. 16 Mar 1650

b. 17 Nov. 1650                                                                                    d. 23 Aug 1745

d. 13 Dec 1720                                                                  A daughter of John WILLIAMS of

of West Felton                                                                    Twyford a relation of the WILLIAMS

                                                                       of West Felton. [Twyford is a Town

                                                                       ship of Felton].

John------------------------------------------------ Elizabeth a daughter of Samuel

Of Twyford                                                                          Roger SIDES of Eardiston a Town-

d 15 Jan 1729/1730                                                          ship of the P.H. of Ruyton of the

                                                                        Eleventowns.  She died 1714/1715.

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: John DOVASTON m. Elizabeth SIDES at Hordley on 15th January 1709

John------------------------------------------------- Margaret d. Of Samuel ROGERS of

b 31 May 1712                                                                     Osbaston Kinnerley, a sister of

d 1753                                                                                   hers married John MILWARD son of

of West Felton                                                                      Rev. John MILWARD D.D. of the Is.

A "bat hat" but his mother died when                            of St. Christopher West Indies.

He was 2 yrs. Old and his father when                            Another sister married Sir William

he was 17. He had a stepmother at 5                                FREEMAN, Baronet a Governor of

                                                                         Jamaica and later of Fauley Court

                                                                         near Henley Buckinghamshire.

[Page 2]

John --------------- Elizabeth------------------ Miriam married daughter

d 1729                            SIDES (first wife)                       of Thomas BROWNS, Atty at Law

                                                                        of Littleness, Salop. Afterward

                                                                        of Sweeney.

                                                                        The late Stanley LEIGHTON of

                                                                        Sweeney Hall, Oswestry, many

                                                                        years M.P. for Shropshire and

                                                                        his brother, Sir Baldwin LEIGHTON,

                                                                        Lolon Park and Lady LEIGHTON (nee)

                                                                        PARKER were descendants from

                                                                        Miriam's father through Thomas

                                                                        BROWN of Sweeney b. 1682 a bro-

                                                                        ther of Miriam BROWNE

Thomas-------- Margaret                         Edward-------- Margaret

b 1718                                                                                     B 28 Nov 1719

Succeeded to his mother's estates at                                Buried at West Felton


[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: Thomas and Margaret appear to have had two other children - Mary in 1752 and Thomas in 1754, both at Great Ness. Edward and Margaret [JONES] appear to have married at Montford on 31st October 1743.

John---------Ann BROWN of Kinnerley       John --------Ann PRICE of                                                                                                                                                                  Loppington, Salop

b 1756                                                                                      b 1756                                                                                    

d 1818                                                                                     d 1840

                                                                        Of Twyford, afterward of the Wigmarsh.

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: John and Ann [BROWN] married at Kinnerley on 21st January 1779 and had many children including Jane [1779] Tho [1780] Ann [1782] John [1783] Ann [1785] Richard [1786] all at Kinnerley.

William ----- Sarah daughter of

b 1789                     John D.

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: William and Sarah appear to have been cousins and married at Ruyton on 12th June 1821. Their children included Anne [1822] and John [1824]. William appears to have re-married to another cousin Catharine at Ruyton on 9th February 1824.

John---------------- Sarah                            William-------------------- Jane DAVIES

b 1824                             d 1880                                          b 2 May 1793                              d 18 Jan 1885

d 1899                                                                                   d 1879 age 81

                                                                       Both buried at Ruyton

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: John and Sarah Anne had many children  between 1849 and 1864 including Ada, Adolphus, Jane Ebrey, John Freeman Edward, Milward Edward, William Daniel, Sarah Anne and Albert, all at The Nursery, Twyford, West Felton.  In the 1881 and 1891 Censuses, John , a widower, was an annuitant and still had Jane Ebrey, Ada and Sarah Anne at home ['The Nursery' DOVASTON family of 'The Nursery' , Shropshire 18th cent-20th cent : deeds, family and estate papers 18th-20th cent held at the: Shropshire Records and Research Centre, Shrewsbury Reference : Dec 1965-Sept 1966 NRA 11563 Shropshire]

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]:William and Jane [DAVIES] lived at Wigmarsh, Ruyton XI Towns. Their children were Mary, Rachel, Hannah, Alfred, Anne, Naome, Sarah and Margaret Elizabeth, all born between 1828 and 1846. William was a tailor. In the 1881 Census, Jane [DAVIES] was a widow, annuitant.  

signed  Adolphus:  The writer of this paper

Mary------John BUDD   Naomi----PRICE   Rachel---FOWLES   Margaret---JONES


Sarah ------ Thomas STANT


[Page 3]

John-------------------------------------------------Ann d. Of Philip and Elizabeth

b 1740 d 1808 Married 1779                                            HOOPER , J. Of the Peace for Here-

An eminent antiquary and scientist,                                ford and Bailiff of Leominster

Musician who built and planted the                                 [Pronounced Lemster]

"Nursery". He had seven sisters and

brothers whom he brought up; he being

only 17 years old when his father died.

John Freeman MILWARD     

of  Twyford b 1782 d 1835

An authority on Natural History an Welsh Music; author of a volume of poems

"Hard handed men my fathers were

Inured to drive the brightened share

They ran their race in lowly lot

Jus streaked the stream and were forgot".

From "Fitzswarine"

[Note added by Ruth DOVASTON STANT]: John Freeman Milward DOVASTON was born to John and Ann in 1782 at Kinnerley ... DOVASTON family of  'The Nursery', Shropshire 18th cent-20th cent : deeds, family and estate papers 18th-20th cent held at the: Shropshire Records and Research Centre, Shrewsbury Reference : Dec 1965-Sept 1966 NRA 11563 Shropshire].

[Note]: Adolphus DOVASTON presented Ann O'CONNER with a copy of this volume in its original binding, with woodcuts by BEWICK, the father of English woodcuts. He was educated in Shrewsbury School under Doctor BUTLER, afterward Bishop of Litchfield; proceeded to Christ's Church Oxford; took degree of M.A. Afterward of the Inner Temple London. He succeeded to the Shropshire Estates on the death of his father. These he bequeathed to the writer's father, John DOVASTON, b 17 Dec 1824 d 1899. J.P. for Salop.

[End of typewritten text.]

[Note added by Dave LEEBRICK ]: "In addition to this text there are some hand drawn lines present on page 2 of the text.. The first has the shape of a large inverted "Y" with the base touching the dashed line between "Elizabeth and Miriam", one of the open arms touching "Thomas" of "Thomas-----Margaret" and the other open arm touching "Edward" of "Edward--------Margaret". Then there is a hand drawn arrow extending from "John D." of "Sarah daughter of John D." and ending at "John" of "John-------Ann PRICE of Loppington, Salop". Finally, there is a hand drawn line extending from the dashed line in "William--------Jane DAVIES" down to the long dashed line above "Mary------John BUDD" ......."

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